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பெண்கள் ஆராதனை |
சகோதரி. கெட்சியாள் மோகன் | 12- அக்டோபர் - 2018
NLAG is with Amron R and Edward Joseph Anthony.1 week ago
Now you can join us on #GST Road! We are launching a new English Worship Service on 14 October 2018. #NLAGGST
#EnglishChurch #Church #newlifeag #nlag

AFT Church - Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle

The Official Facebook Page of AFT Church - Rev. Sam P. Chelladurai, the senior pastor of AFT Church, is one of the most respected and influential word-preachers in India. He is a Bible teacher with a heart to touch the lives of people by expounding upon the life-transforming power of God's word. In 1985, he took over the leadership of Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle in Chennai, which today is one of the fastest growing churches in India under the leadership of Rev. Sam P. Chelladurai and Pastor Jeevan Chelladurai.
AFT Church - Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle
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Dr. Bill Winston speaks at AFT Church, Chennai.

Come join us on 23 October 2018 at 6:30pm and listen to Dr. Bill Winston, one of the most impactful preachers of God’s word and the founder of Bill Winston Ministries.

Share this with your friends and family, so that they can also join us and be blessed.

This service will be webcast LIVE on our website, Facebook page, Periscope and YouTube channel.

Watch Live:
Facebook Live:
Youtube Live:
Periscope Live:

#RevSam #event #chennai
AFT Church - Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle
AFT Church - Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle13 hours ago
“Every believer is called to be a vessel of honor” - Rev. Sam P. Chelladurai

Listen to this new breakthrough-enabling teaching series titled ‘Living by Faith’ by Pastor Sam:

#RevSam #Faith #AFTChurch
AFT Church - Apostolic Fellowship Tabernacle


Ravi Zacharias International Ministries is a global team of speakers with offices throughout the world in: the United States, Canada, Peru, Africa, the United Kingdom, Spain, Romania, Turkey, the Middle East, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Australia.
RZIM9 minutes ago
Is religion–particularly Christianity–good or bad news for women? Are Jesus’ teachings oppressive? Margaret Manning Shull unpacks these questions today. Visit to read, and then let us know what you think in the comments below.
RZIM8 hours ago
We're excited to announce the online video course for Abdu Murray's newest book, Saving Truth. Sign up this week to save $20: #SavingTruth

Inbam Fmradio
Inbam Fmradio1 day ago
Most awaited Anointed one day POWER CONFERENCE THURSDAY 18TH OCTOBER 2018 AT BKN
Inbam Fmradio
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God blessed the Family Blessing Meeting on Sunday evening. There was a mighty move of the Holy Spirit through the Word of God given by Bro. John Mohana Prakash Please do join us every Sunday evening at 6:00pm.

Gersson Edinbaro (Official)
Gersson Edinbaro (Official)16 hours ago
Watch this song on the Holy Spirit by brother Lawrence and be blessed!
Gersson Edinbaro (Official)
FIREBRANDS MUSIC - HOLY SPIRIT - Ps. Gersson Edinbaro ( Music - Lawrence Guna)
FIREBRANDS MUSIC - HOLY SPIRIT - Ps. Gersson Edinbaro ( Music - Lawrence Guna) Music Arranged, Composed and Produced by LAWRENCE GUNA Written by Lawrence Gun...
Gersson Edinbaro (Official)
Gersson Edinbaro (Official)2 days ago
Pray, Participate!

Jesus Calls
Jesus Calls8 hours ago
The Hyderabad Prayer Festival is sure to transform you into the image of Jesus Christ. You shall inherit heavenly blessings and will be raised to greater heights. Come to the Hyderabad Prayer Festival and receive your blessing in full and know the will of God for your splendid future. Bring your family & friends that they could also be blessed…
#BlessTelangana #Hyderabad #PrayerFestival #PrayForMiracle #Receive #JesusCalls #PrayingForTheWorld
Jesus Calls
Jesus Calls
Jesus Calls9 hours ago
Walk closer with God! Now, get the promises of God sent to your Mobiles, everyday.
#TodaysPromise #TodaysBlessing #Blessing #VerseoftheDay #BibleVerse