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By  God’s grace, website was launched in April 2006. It is purely by His grace and guidance, the website has crossed many years. Thank you Jesus!!.

The sole  purpose of this website is to be a ‘one-stop’ information portal of all Gospel  Events, Churches happening in Chennai, across denominations. Even in this  internet age, information barriers have sprung up, leading to people not  knowing where gospel events are happening in Chennai.  is an effort in that direction to break the barrier, by listing in one place,  all the gospel events happening in Chennai. The website also has links to various Churches, Ministries in Chennai.

Since the inception of this website, it has hosted more than 1000+ events.  There has been unstinted support in this small step of mine, to break the  information barrier. I would be failing in my duty, if I do not place on record  the sparkling contributions of such people – to name a few. My dear annan Bro. Dr.Paul Dhinakaran for arranging to share information about all Jesus Calls programmes on a  regular basis. My friend Joel who designed the 2nd release of the  website, the logo and his wife Melita. Michelle for her support in flyer designs. John  Mohana Prakash (Founder, Jesus the Joy Ministries) for his valuable ideas.  Godson, Samuel Johnson, Daniel Ebenezer, Wilson, Lynette and others who have been constantly helping  me in providing information about gospel events for hosting.

There are many others who helped in  publicizing this website through email and in person. Everyone has played their  part in this small ministry. I thank every one of them for their support; if  not for them this website would not have reached so many. I also  thank the organizers and office bearers of all the gospel events, who have  hosted their events in this website.

Having come a long way with this new version of the website; the beginning  cannot be forgotten. For those who want to view the past, take a ‘sneak peek’  on how it all began: 1st, 2nd and 3rd release home page snapshots below.

Please spread the news about this website to your friends and relatives through  email, SMS and in person…this is your part in the ministry. Let us all join  together to break the information barrier…as ‘someone is in need  somewhere…..’ ;If a person gets  information from this website to attend an Event, Church and is  touched/saved/refreshed/renewed/healed….the purpose of the website will be  met. You can reach the Editor through email at:

GospelinChennai will not share your data with anyone and also not spam you. Email alerts, Mobile App notifications will be sent only for newly added features, events.

GospelinChennai provides all information on a best effort basis and as received. This platform cannot be held liable for any information that is hosted, the organizers and owners are responsible for events, content, compliance with all legal and related regulations as per the law of the land. GospelinChennai does not subscribe to all the events that are hosted and it is only provided as an information. It is up to the individual to verify every hosted information and take necessary actions accordingly and GospelinChennai cannot be held responsible or liable for any aspect related to the events hosted and services provided through the website, mobile app.

GospelinChennai is a completely FREE platform for all services offered. Editor deserves the right to decide the content to be hosted and has the final and binding decision related to all aspects of the platform and no query will be entertained in this regard and no response will be provided. All services are provided on a best effort basis. Thanks for your understanding.


  • Awesome Tool to inform and promote the ‘Good News of Gospel’ by every Ministry, Mission and Church in Chennai. Truly, 4th version of this website is more Tech savy for quick browsing and communicate with friends and families through mobile app. Praising God for this tool which is built for Chennai City Transformation…God bless this ministry.

    Samuel Gamaliel
  • I’m a regular user of
    Navigating to this website has become my routine. Every day I look for events. And I have attended several events notified by this website. Very happy about the new look and feel. May the Lord bless this ministry.

  • Very useful website! God bless this ministry!

    Mrs. Marina Albert
  • Awesome God’s Ministry to promote the Gospel events, programs, conventions, seminars across Chennai and beyond. May God bless this ministry and Let God shall supply all this ministry needs according to his riches and Glory in Christ Jesus.

  • very useful website . gives a lot of info abt upcoming christian events. thanks a lot

    Reuben Daniel
  • Very informative to find events happening… Bless Lord God

  • I Praise God for this initiative, GOD bless you all…

    D Suresh, ECR for Christ Ministries
  • Indeed a blessing for anyone who’s new to Chennai yet experience the presence of God this place

    Richard Ruben
  • This is wonderful. I often search google for gospel meeting. This time i got it through your website. all events info in one place. continue your good work. thanks for these wonderful event information.



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